What Constitutes “Authority?”

In a general conversation one with more intelligence of or more information on the topic at hand could rightly be called “more of an authority” on the topic than the other but what, really, does “authority” mean? Where does “authority” arise? Can it be bequeathed? Bestowed upon? Does it just exist, a truth yet misunderstood? Let’s see whither the chain-of-thoughts this morning go…

Humanity’s earliest exposure to the concept of “authority” is, quite obviously, the parents or (in NewSpeak) the “caregiver(s).” “Stay away from that hot stove” is something every toddler hears at least once in his life, and for good reason: the parent KNOWS something the kid does not and imparts that wisdom in whatever fashion they deem most appropriate at that particular junction. They are “an authority” on the topic of burnt fingers vis a vis the toddler who does not KNOW but is curious enough that he’ll probably test the theory when said mother/father/caregiver isn’t looking. And then the toddler KNOWS too. It’s a form of teaching, with mixed results to be expected as some people just have to learn things the hard way. The poor things. Some of the meeker, or “mommy knows better than I do” children might start to heed the warnings but other, perhaps outright obstinate children will test all theories/instructions even if it risks self-harm. Maybe they’ll eventually learn, maybe they’ll be a Darwin Award candidate. Only time will tell which.

The 2nd most obvious recurrence of the concept of authority (outside of babysitters or what have you) is probably school. Presuming the parents knowingly, willingly sent you there the teacher then becomes a pseudo-parent, supposedly to impart even more Wisdom of the Ages that said parent(s) are, for whatever reason, either unwilling or unable to. School-pseudo-parent = “authority” #2 (or a subsequent number depending on who did most of the early childhood rearing.) And this is where the abstraction of “authority” becomes a focal point of one’s petty existence. The dangers inherent in repeatedly replying to a child’s wonderment with the words “Because I said so!” are nowhere more injudiciously spoken than they are by school teachers (both secular and parochial.) The fine-line betwixt imparting wisdom and outright indoctrination is one traversed by well-meaning figures as well as their evil counterparts, and always with the same result: the child’s obedience to whatever an “adult” tells them, for better or worse. The utilization of the word “danger” was intentional because a child who only learns obedience will probably never be able to proudly stand on his own two feet. He would be mentally crippled, handicapped the rest of his life. And therein lies the rub: for far too long our particular “American” institution of publik skooling has resulted in literally tens of millions of chronological adults who are irrevocably incapable of critical thinking whilst only a handful escape relatively unscathed by the experience. For and on the record I am NOT against education. Contrarily I am all for it – our society only flourished in the past because of those taking educated risks. Despite the hilarity of the Fail! videos so prevalent online the participants there do nothing to enhance society or the human condition but only parade their idiocy for all the world to see, not at all unlike circus clowns and the Three Stooges. All societies in history can accurately be regarded by their amusements: historians of the future will surely give our puerile, macabre and generally twisted version a failing grade.

On the topic of what is apparently flashing before sheeple’s faces on their teevees [I haven’t had one of those for 10 years] it becomes apparent that those presently “protesting” the probable abuse of others via heavily-armed, costumed goons known as “Police” are doing one thing, and one thing only: challenging the presumed “authority” of said police. On that mark I’ll give them kudos, and on that mark only. But, most importantly, is what these challenges actually consist of – and on that thought they, to a man, are on the wrong side of history. If one wishes to protest a heavy-handed set of self-appointed rulers and their minions against one’s tribal members then violating innocent 3rd parties’ inherent Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property is nowhere to be found in an advanced, polite society. Torching a couple of squad cars might get a point across but the lynching of tyrants in public squares would be even more effective if the desire is to actually bring the de facto rulers down off their high horses. [Rioting and looting are what starving animals do when they find a gate to the feeding trough open, it is not what any society worth “preserving” would even contemplate.] So it would seem that the Baltimore PD’s order to “stand down” from protecting guiltless bystanders and business owners during the worst of the rioting was merely to buy time while their masters contemplated their next moves against those who dared to challenge their “authority” in the first place.  To those business owners and passersby who preferred calling the cops in hopes of protection from looters I say this: each of us has the inherent Right to protect our persons and property, to the death if required, and you failed miserably at the exercise of it.  For your cowardice in the face of adversity, for your unfailing belief that “Police” are there to serve and protect YOU, you deserve whatever misfortune rained on your party. Unfortunately for the rest of us it is not only the invertebrates among us who have reason to wonder what is coming down the pipeline from our Dear Leaders.

In a recent Ad Council and AARP-sponsored advertisement that apparently ran on teevee can be heard (as background noise) the following statement:

“Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law….the President is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm….authorities are working to contain the outbreak.”

In such a war-like scenario there is a singular “authority” that exists: the man who is protecting his Life, Limb, or Property from attack.  Such personal authority can lawfully coelesce into several men protecting their several Lives, Limbs, and Properties together as a unit and even into the public sphere of protecting and enforcing their Rights to the use of the common roads, unimpeded by imbecility, in whatever collective fashion is called for. But the collective of like-minded men can never lawfully excercise any “right” superior to those enjoined to the individuals’ themselves.  As should be self-evident “governments” have no rights at all, despite what screams might emanate from the chicken littles who are employed by (or who worship) said rulers of their fellow men. The job-description of “Police” is one and only one: to enforce the (corporate) policies of their paymasters.  As a collective they have absolutely zero “rights” to enforce anything, only obligations to do their masters’ will.  Hence, in the chaotic situations in Baltimore and the Capital of the [corporate] World New York City, and elsewhere, any be-costumed policy-enforcer (or be-suited governmental mouth-piece) attempting to “restore law and order” isn’t the least bit lawfully intervening in human affairs.  The “law” and “order” referred to are not of our own making but that of CEOs of various multi- and supra-national corporations demanding the unquestioned obedience to their dictates as something like an “authority.”  God’s Laws are infinitely superior to anything man-made, and ersatz contract-law is what governs the world, to our detriment.

In reality the only “authority” is truth.  Even a watered-down version of truth, one riddled with little white lies, can never be considered worthy of praise, admiration, or obedience, regardless of any macchiavellian …and they all lived happily ever after endings.  Godless might never makes right, even if it is the victors who get to write the new “history” books.


“Editting” Human Embyros

Here is a topic more worthy of an intellectual thesis than a blog posting, and it encompasses such a vast swath of truisms known and unknown to this writer I can only attempt to do it justice off the top of my head in short order. When the “news” of Dolly the Cloned Sheep hit the airwaves so many years ago it reminded me of a synopsis to a movie I hadn’t seen, which was based on a decades old story by the same name: The Island of Dr. Moreau.

At the time anyway, any film with Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer would have interested me on first hearing of it but, for whatever the reason, I never saw it when it was new.  A few years later “Dolly” made the news and I instantly thought of that movie while reading the Dolly article(s) and promptly rented a copy.  It was a trainwreck of a movie – Brando was gargantuan and outright creepy, Val Kilmer did alright, the human/animal hybrids seemed all too real – but the overriding thought while watching it was this: “Some freak(s) out there are actually doing this sort of shit RIGHT NOW.” With Dolly a reality (or so we were told) cloning and toying with DNA was no longer just a Science Fiction Fantasy but most probably a Scientific Reality.

Ecclesiastes 1,10 Nothing under the sun is new, neither is any man able to say: Behold this is new: for it hath already gone before in the ages that were before us. For those supposed “Christians” who know nothing of their bible let me give you a heads up: all of what is in there actually pertains to us, our past, our existence, and our future. King Solomon himself said nothing they were doing those 3000 yrs ago was new, so anything dreamed up in the interim is also old news, even if it makes for shocking headlines. I’ll say this outright because I fully believe it is as good as God’s Gospel truth: man, with the help of demons, has toyed with genetic genomes long before Dolly or the fictional Dr. Moreau as suredly as the first abortions occurred several thousands of years before Roe v Wade.

History, for those who know it, is replete with exemplars of freakish chimeras – whether biblical “giants” spawned from the coupling of demons with the daughters of Eve or the “mythical” unicorns and griffons and satyrs carved into stone which could have only resulted from genomic splicing. Mythology, and the denizens of those stories, always contain at least kernels of truth. The evil sons of Ham, Noe’s son, are who built Sumer immediately following the Flood four millenium ago and their extant inscriptions and carvings clearly show us the mutants Ham surely saw before they were destroyed. They were very real creatures, not the result of artistic license. The first few sentences of Genesis 6 before Noe is commanded to build the Ark tell us, oh so briefly, how incredibly evil those people were. Along with the usual thieving and drinking and gambling and fornicating (which normally don’t warrant genocidal capital punishment) there was such an immense, ungodly amount of toying with human DNA that God himself declared he had to destroy it all – the simply evil humans as well as the soulless hybrids all around them.

Why was there such a determined attempt to wipe out the totality of the human, Adamic race? Ah, the answer to that query was already stated a few chapters before: Genesis 3,15 I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.

Thinking to forestall the crushing of his head – and other pertinent parts, most assuredly – The Adversary and his loyal minions polluted the seed of Adam with their own, and with that of “the beasts of the earth,” so no Savior could ever arise out of Eve’s children with Adam. Noe and his family were chosen, it is written, for two very specific reasons: 1) they were righteous people and 2) they were pure in their generations from Adam. No mixing, no pollution, purely “in God’s own image.” So? You might ask. That’s possible, perhaps, but wth does that have to do with Dolly and Moreau and Chinamen tinkering with (probably forcibly aborted) Chinese foetuses? Ah, Perhaps some words from the New Testament will make that perfectly clear even to the most blind: Luke 17,26 And as it came to pass in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

What that means, in common phraseology, is that “So as it was in the days of Noe” is when our Good Shepherd will make his 2nd coming. Our world will be just as sinful, just as genomic-splicing-fucking-with-God’s-creation at the end of our demonically-controlled world as it was in Noe’s day. In the prayer for Archangel Michael’s intercession we beg for “protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil” and his legions “who roam about the world seeking the ruin of souls” because roam they still do. They’ve had thousands of years of corrupting and interbreeding with our people since the days of Noe but still haven’t given up their illicit fight to forestall the prophecy of their own destruction. It seems to me we’re damn near where Noe was.


Who Owns You?

I discovered Josie Outlaw a couple of years ago and even though she doesn’t post nearly as often as one would wish she (along with Larken Rose, Stefan Molyneux, and Dean Clifford) is one of my absolute favorites for expressing seemingly complex ideologies into easily understood verbiage. And (as an added Bonus!) she’s awfully perty, too.

On the same theme as yesterday, to a point, please watch her video from Feb ’14 on the topic of Who Owns You?

A reintroduction, of a sort

Well, now that my personas (plural) on the book of faces have been relegated to history, perchance I can devote more time and energy into this website. I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed perusing so many others’ blogs, admiring their devotion to presenting themselves and their concerns to the world, that I glommed onto the quickie copy/paste jobs said “book” made so easy. But life isn’t easy, nor should it be. Easy encourages passivity, and passivity makes for easily-controllable slaves. Even now, in hindsight, the “world” I thought existed in my youth (which never really existed anywhere except in my indoctrinated head) has morphed into something so unrecognizable, so alien, that a RipVanWinkle of the 70s or 80s would be driven to suicide were he to awaken in 2015. It’s that bad.

The “tolerance” and “live and let live” we’ve been inculcated with from toddlerhood has come back to haunt us in ways our well-grounded parents and teechers [sic] probably never would have guessed at or encouraged had they but known the malevolence behind the propaganda. But, just like most middle eastern “borders” sometimes one needs to draw a line in the proverbial sand: Just Say No has implications far beyond denying oneself whatever pleasures might be obtained from a temporary high/vacation from reality via some greenery. The admonition “Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” was never more of a truism than it is when applied to the cultural destroyers of whatever political “wing” they purport to occupy: tyranny comes in just as many stripes and colors as a rainbow flag.

Now that the charades game called “Election ’16” has commenced I have zero qualms about tossing my two-cents’-worth into that money pit. It’s a smoke-and-mirrors game played with such pomp and circumstance, with such awe-inspiring fireworks, that it makes Rome’s Bread & Circuses policy pale in comparison. Frick or Frack? Option A or Option B? That both candidates which will be allowed into the “official” running will both have been vetted by the real rulers of the world isn’t a concern for the sheeple to contemplate: but the ramifications of opting for whomever one considers to be the “lesser” evil will always result in evil raining down on the victor’s parade(s). The “third” option of denying any man authority over one’s meager existence never seems to cross sheeple’s minds: they only hope for a shepherd with a light stick rather than an iron fist. However, in this day and age, a velvet-covered iron fist is guaranteed over any alternative if one participates in that game.

The overriding quandary is, however, exemplified by historical examples showing what happens to little people who tell their presumed/self-appointed rulers (and their minions) to go fuck themselves – either an out-with-a-bang! spectacle or torture and a slow-painful death (and which-would-you-prefer isn’t typically one of the sheeple’s democratic options at that point.) So, what’ll it be? Unrelenting, unmitigated evil or a perhaps final chance to say “Fuck You?” For me, personally, I’ll opt for the latter should that particular “election” present itself for my vote. I only hope there are fireworks – complete with “oohs! and aahs!” – but with my luck it’ll be a slow, painful ending to this short story. Ah well, we can’t have everything we wish for, and it’s probably just as well.

Rant over, for now, but I certainly can’t close out a posting without a picture. That would just be wrong…

democrat RDM73


Beware of Strangers Bearing Gifts

Seeing this picture this morning (gratiously stolen from knuckledraggin.com) reminded me of the titular adage. If the giver wasn’t necessarily a stranger before proffering the gift one can rest assured that the giver is a whole lot more…complex, shall we say…than the receiver first envisioned. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, anyone?
My Love

Tempus Fugit

Time sure does fly. It appears I haven’t even checked into this blog myself for a year now, but having left the book of faces I’ve lots of material gathered on the old laptop ready for posting. Alas, work and other responsibilities call today so I promise to post something worth writing (and reading) soon.


The Pig Trap

In hindsight, I have no idea which of my usual haunts I linked to it from but this is one of the most astoundingly prescient articles I’ve had the pleasure of reading in quite some time. Like the “boiling frog theory” The Pig Trap thoroughly expounds how simple it is to corrale one’s livestock, using wit rather than brawn: and how the analogy works just as well with sheeple. The poor dears. Especially liberal ones. And so many of his posts – especially the ones regarding his fares – had me literally laughing out loud all by my lonesome. Bravo, taximan!